Can mod_sofia send HEP traffic over TCP?

On FreeSWITCH version 1.10.7 we can send HEP v3 traffic to our Homer server via UDP with this configuration line on sofia.conf.xml

<param name="capture-server" value="udp:our_homer_server:9060;hep=3;capture_id=1500"/>

We want to send it over TCP for reliability and this does not send any traffic:

<param name="capture-server" value="tcp:our_homer_server:9060;hep=3;capture_id=1500"/>

I haven’t been able to find any references to this online and the examples I see are always with UDP.

Can HEP be sent via TCP? If so, how?

Thank you

Try port 9061 Quick Install · sipcapture/homer Wiki · GitHub

The HEPlify service is configured to listen for HEP TCP on port 9060 and I can telnet to it from the machines sending traffic. Does it have to be 9061?

I tried port 9061 as well and it doesn’t work… Is there anything I’m missing here? I’ve also set <param name= "sip-capture" value= "yes" /> on /etc/freeswitch/sip_profiles/{internal,external}

Check here Examples: FreeSwitch · sipcapture/homer Wiki · GitHub . You may want to reach out to the homer folks also.